Drew_MeryHi, my name is Drew Mery.  I love helping people understand key insights and stories of data.  With six years in the data analytics industry, I’ve had the privilege of querying, cleaning, transforming, modeling, analyzing, and visualizing many different kinds and sizes of datasets, both for business and for pleasure.  I’ve worked with SQL, Power BI, Tableau, Python, and Excel.  I’ve performed data explorations, statistical analysis, hypothesis testing, and machine learning using Python.  When it comes to data visualization, I make use of best practices so that the key data points stand out and the end-users know what they’re looking at.  Whether it’s investigating anomalies, doing ad-hoc analysis, or developing reports/dashboards for improved business monitoring, I take pride in my work and value every aspect of the job.

– Kick-started the use of Power BI at an energy company
– Developed two audio/video courses with Packt Publishing for Power BI Desktop and Service
– Developed an entire report package in Power BI for Microsoft Project Online data
– About 3 years of experience working remotely, demonstrating my ability to be productive and meet deadlines

This site serves as an online portfolio of some of my work.  While most of the analyses on this site are performed using Python, you may occasionally see some posts based in Tableau or Power BI (see PBI Portfolio).  I hope you enjoy, gain insight, and feel free to contact me if you have any questions or recommendations.

Thanks for stopping by.