Data Analysis & Interpretation: Introducing a Series

I am currently enrolled in a specialization program on Coursera titled, Data Analysis and Interpretation.  This program is administered by Wesleyan University in partnership with DrivenData and The Connection and involves analysis and research on real-world datasets.  The program is made up of 4 courses and a capstone:

  1. Data Management & Visualization
  2. Data Analysis Tools
  3. Regression Modeling in Practice
  4. Machine Learning for Data Analysis
  5. Capstone (either with DrivenData or The Connection)

Students are required to blog about their research and data analysis assignments.  This post is the first of many to come as I progress through this program.  Each post will contain in the title “Data Analysis & Interpretation” plus course and week numbers.  For example:

Data Analysis & Interpretation 1.1 = Course 1 and Week 1 of the program

Data Analysis & Interpretation 2.3 = Course 2 and Week 3 of the program

…and so forth.

I believe each course has 4 weeks of assignments.  So I should have 4 blog posts for each course.

Throughout the course you have the choice of learning and using either SAS or Python.  Since I already have some proficiency in Python, this will be my programming language of choice.

Each post will be filed under the category “Data Analysis & Interpretation Series”.  I hope others will find this series insightful and educational.

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